In the latest WHDH 7 News/Emerson College Iowa Poll, former Vice President Joe Biden has maintained his support and lead in the Iowa Caucus with 23% of the vote. Senator Bernie Sanders is the runner up with 22%, followed by Pete Buttigieg with 18% of the vote. Senator Elizabeth Warren has lost ground, receiving 12% support. Amy Klobuchar has seen her popularity grow with 10%, followed by Cory Booker with 4%, and Tom Steyer with 3%. Michael Bloomberg, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang received 2% each. The rest of the field had no support. (December 7-10, MM, Democratic Caucus, n=325, +/-5.4%)

The most movement in this poll, as compared to the last Emerson Poll in October, is Warren’s downward slide from frontrunner status, and Sanders’ subsequent gain. Warren and Biden had 23% each in October. While Biden held his numbers in this poll, Warren fell 11 points. Sanders may have benefited from Warren’s loss of support, surging to 22% from 13% of the vote in October. Buttigieg maintained steady support over the last two months, gaining slightly from 16% in October to his current 18% of the vote. Amy Klobuchar experienced a huge leap from noncompetitive numbers – just 1% in October – to 10%.