When Democrats wanted to get Obamacare over the finish line in 2010, they had to rely on retiring members of Congress who no longer had to worry about pissing off voters. It is really striking here that there are 21 retiring Republicans, half of them are not real fans of the President, and a significant portion are leaving because their districts are rejecting the GOP because of Trump. But not a single one has been persuaded by the Democrats.

The people who hate the President and want him gone have internalized the claim that the President could kill a man on Fifth Avenue and the GOP would have his back. This is not actually true. All they need to do is talk to some of these retiring congressmen. But the Democrats are so convinced of this talking point they are not even trying to make a bipartisan case for impeachment.

A few of these Republicans might change their minds by next week and give the Democrats a bipartisan vote on impeachment. Right now, however, it looks like the Democrats will lose more votes on impeachment than they will gain from Republicans.

The Democrats are not even trying. The press isn’t trying.