In Iowa, all four major candidates are polling above 15% and would share in that state’s 41 pledged delegates. If candidates receive the same percentage they’re polling at today, then Mr. Buttigieg, who sits atop the Iowa heap with 24% in the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, would receive 13 delegates. Mr. Sanders would get 10, while Ms. Warren and Mr. Biden would each net nine.

In New Hampshire, Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren are polling right below the 15% threshold, leaving that state’s 24 delegates to Mr. Buttigieg (13) and Mr. Sanders (11).

In Nevada, the former vice president leads at 29%, trailed by Ms. Warren at 20% and Mr. Sanders at 19.8%. They’d split the state’s 36 delegates with 15 for Mr. Biden, 11 for Ms. Warren and 10 for Mr. Sanders. Mr. Buttigieg is currently far behind and out of the running in the Silver State.

In South Carolina, Mr. Biden at 35.3% and Ms. Warren at 16.3% would divide the state’s 54 delegates, 37 to 17.

Going into the Super Tuesday contests on March 3, Mr. Biden would have 61 delegates, Ms. Warren 37, Mr. Sanders 31 and Mr. Buttigieg 26.