Trump did eventually break off ties with Epstein, apparently over a mansion both of them wanted, and banned him from Mar-a-Lago after his indictment in 2007. But Trump’s protestations that he was “not a fan” are less than convincing — why then would he hire the man who let Epstein off in 2008 as secretary of labor? (Acosta has since resigned.)

If we are to start speculating about who might have offed Epstein, Trump would unquestionably be a prime suspect — not only because the president is so powerful, but also because of his long-documented ties to the Mafia. At a minimum it is extremely damning for the leader of the American far right to have associated for nearly two decades with a ruthless sexual predator, whose taste for young girls was an open secret.

But that is anathema to right-wing conspiracy theorists, who views Trump as the heroic savior of the white race. And so they simply ignore the obvious Trump-Epstein connection, and spin up wild theories about the Clintons or an impending crackdown on billionaire sex predators. Folks — the connection is coming from inside the White House.