This, by the way, is the real reason the political class hates the president’s tweets. It isn’t because they are, as Nancy Pelosi would have it, “beneath the dignity” of the presidency. It is because they are read by 67.7 million followers who can read what the man actually says rather than a fictitious version concocted by the legacy media. It is how he and his supporters are able to reveal publications like Newsweek as Democratic propaganda rags. It is why, when Democrats like Joe Biden demand that social media companies take down Trump ads, the voters can see exactly who constitutes the real threat to free speech.

If the Democrats possessed Trump’s media savvy, their impeachment effort would perhaps be more successful. But they put America to sleep with boring bureaucrats whining on C-Span. Nonetheless, they will soldier on this week with the photogenic Jerrold Nadler leading an arcane discussion with various academics about what the framers meant by “bribery” and “treason.” Why? They must reassure the far-left members of their own caucus, and the TDS victims who support them, that they are serious about impeachment. But these people aren’t serious about anything beyond power and money. This is why censure is a nonstarter.