Here’s a thing that people don’t necessarily get about Sean Hannity. He talks a really big game when his target isn’t in the room. Part of that is the false bravado brought about by the insular world to television studios, but a lot of it is Hannity enjoying the gamesmanship and pro-wrestling nature that comes with cable news. Without a clear villain, you can’t paint yourself as a mythical hero. And that’s not just a bug, that’s a feature of almost all cable news programming of all political stripes. Hannity is just super aggressive about that.

In person, however, Hannity is a polite, charming and remarkably affable guy. And if he is hosting a guest in his own studio — even it is the super-villainous Deep State leader James Comey — Sean Hannity would almost certainly honor Comey’s on-set presence with the sot of mutual respect any professional television host commands.

How do we know this? Well, we don’t, but Hannity’s recent interview with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio from a few months ago demonstrated this very phenomenon. No one railed harder on de Blasio than Hannity, but once the former Democratic presidential hopeful joined him for a multiple segment interview, the dynamic was remarkably different.