On Thursday, Hannity’s anger was aroused by what he deemed an unfair invasion of privacy by a Democratic witness upon Trump’s 13-year-old son during the House Judiciary hearing on impeachment the day before. The Fox News host had been so outraged about the act of dragging the boy’s name into the public arena that he and his network mentioned it on air two-dozen times in the boy’s defense. Hannity also defended the First Lady’s vocal pushback on the witness, and her public refusal to accept the apology offered toward her son.

Speaking with White House spokesperson Jennifer Grisham, Hannity appeared flustered and almost eager to rekindle the feud if Kimmel poked at the First Lady again.

“We had a big fight that I won and I dare him to start it up again. Jimmy, start it, one more time,” Hannity warned, before implying he had more to release on Kimmel last time, but pulled back. “I have a lot to bring out. I was just ready on the verge of unloading it all.”