It’s critically important that we don’t know the circumstances surrounding the husband’s decision to gift his wife a Peloton. Maybe she asked for it. Perhaps she was complaining that she hadn’t been able to get back into a normal exercise routine because she couldn’t leave the kids at home while she went to the gym.

Based on the woman’s aesthetic — perfectly matched athleisure sets and, at the end of the video, a Melania Trump-worthy turtleneck and coat combo — and her skills at taking selfies, she probably wasn’t happy that her modern glass house with an open-floor plan didn’t already feature a Peloton like those of her friends. I mean, these bikes are specifically marketed to women exactly like her!

Even if the wife wasn’t sure if she wanted an exercise bike, is it really so bad to encourage your spouse to pick up healthy habits? While the woman in the ad does appear to already be fit, I fully reject the notion that men have an obligation to keep their mouths shut if they notice their wife going down an unhealthy path. Sometimes people don’t realize just how out of control their self-destructive behavior has gotten, and they need a gentle nudge — or a very expensive one — from someone who loves them.