Warren won’t say whether pro-life Dems welcome in party

“I believe that abortion rights are human rights,” Warren said. “I believe that they are also economic rights. And protecting the right of a woman to be able to make decisions about her own body is fundamentally what we do and what we stand for as a Democratic Party.”

Maddow followed up and pressed Warren to give a specific answer.

“Senator Warren, I’m going to push you on this a little bit for a specific answer to the question. Governor John Bel Edwards in Louisiana is an anti-abortion governor who has signed abortion restrictions in Louisiana. Is there room for him in the Democratic Party with those politics?” Maddow asked.

“I have made clear what I think the Democratic Party stands for,” Warren answered. “I’m not here to try to drive anyone out of this party. I’m not here to try to build fences. But I am here to say this is what I will fight for as president of the United States. The women of America can count on that.”