“The White House needs to treat this like a political campaign, like we did with the [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh fight,” Mike Davis, a Republican operative who ran the message and strategy operation for the Kavanaugh nomination, told Yahoo News.

“The Trump administration needs to step up right now because they’re behind on impeachment. The Democrats are landing blows on the president,” Davis said.

Davis said that he is pushing the White House to name Mark Paoletta, a longtime veteran of Capitol Hill battles and oversight hearings who is currently general counsel at the Office of Management and Budget, as the “quarterback” for impeachment…

“They need an organized response and an ability to push back on things that are happening,” Jennings told Yahoo News. “Mike’s experience with Kavanaugh is instructive. Senate Republicans had a very effective coordinated campaign to beat back the attacks. So if you want to do it, that’s the template.”