Farrow’s page-turner confirms every worst impression the American people have about the press. It is a club for rich and powerful, filled with hypocrites who start hashtag movements and wear black in protests at award shows, all the while every single one is, at the very least, rubbing elbows with abusers and their enablers. What becomes clear is that “everybody knew” a lot, about a lot of people. And nobody did a thing.

The media are supposed to be a check on the power and abuses of the powerful forces in our country, but Farrow’s book proved they’re just another leg of the table, just as powerful and corrupt as the rest. Between this book and the ABC leak from Project Veritas, which was met with crickets in the rest of the media landscape (no doubt, with skeletons of their own on Epstein and a million others like him), I’m done feeling anything about Trump’s attacks on the media. This week, they’ve proved just how deserved they are. He keeps going back to that well because the media keep filling it with water; and after this week, the well is overflowing.