CAPEHART: That’s Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union . . . Chairman Steele, are you surprised — I mean, you know all these people. You know everybody who is in that mash-up we just played. You know Matt Schlapp. Are you surprised, given all your years in the Republican party and all the values and things that it stood for and stands for in your mind, that these people are siding, despite all the facts that we know, that have been released by the president, that they’re still sticking by him?

MICHAEL STEELE: Not only surprised, but highly disappointed. It is embarrassing how pathetic these sycophants have become, how desperate they are for one man, one man, to like them, to not tweet about them, to say something good about them, to endorse them. It is embarrassingly pathetic for a party that has a rich and long tradition for standing with the rule of law, standing against our enemies, foreign and domestic, so that would include Russia and the KKK.