While impeachment was brought up in each of the 18 focus groups, participants — many of whom were described as low-information voters with a rudimentary understanding of political affairs — were decidedly more interested in discussing policy matters and the 2020 horse race.

“I’m hearing people who love Trump saying, ‘Hmm, I wonder if I should be voting for Elizabeth Warren.’ She’s very vocal, she’s very opinionated. She has a way of drawing people in,” said one participant in an all-woman group.

“Tulsi Gabbard,” responded a woman named Brianna, when her group was asked who they view as the most competitive Democratic presidential hopeful. “She’s her own person. There isn’t a huge amount of difference from one candidate to another, with the exception of her.”…

When participants were asked to weigh in on Trump, one clear theme emerged: the substance of his presidency was far more palatable than his governing style. It’s a trend consistently captured in polling of the 2020 race — particularly among suburban women who have recoiled at the president’s inflammatory race-related rhetoric, coarse language and trademark bravado — and one that his campaign team is no longer attempting to conceal.