Downstairs is our historical archive, where you can see audio/visual presentations of Republicans in the early 1970’s defending President Richard Nixon against Watergate charges by claiming Ted Kennedy’s involvement in Chappaquiddick was worse. You can see Soviet leaders defend their mass murders and gulags by invoking America’s history of slavery and poor treatment of Native Americans.

You can watch the video of the 2016 presidential debate where Trump defended himself against sexual assault allegations by hauling women who had accused President Bill Clinton of similar actions to the debate. You can pore over tweets from current Republicans who claim they cannot possibly be racist because the Republican Party freed the slaves in the 1860s.

You can relive the time that Trump supporters defended him against charges that he didn’t know why the Civil War was fought because President Barack Obama once said there were 57 states. Remember when Trump shared classified information with Russia during an impromptu conversation? Well, what about the time Barack Obama shared information with Cuba?