Gabbard missed the September debate and will be relegated to the side of the stage on Oct. 15 because she is polling lower than most of her rivals. But Gabbard, whose worldview on key issues diverges from other Democrats, has sharply criticized other candidates in each of her debates so far, including telling Kamala Harris that people “suffered under her reign” when Harris was California’s attorney general.

And with Gabbard and others looking to break open a campaign that has been largely static behind the front-runners, Democrats in other campaigns are buzzing over who the iconoclastic Hawaii congresswoman could target next. Gabbard’s non-interventionist foreign policy platform could mean trouble for Joe Biden. She recently questioned Elizabeth Warren’s national security experience.

She could even decide to put the whole Democratic presidential field on blast for politicizing the impeachment process, after tweeting recently that candidates fundraising off the inquiry were “undermining credibility” of House Democrats’ probes of President Donald Trump.