To be sure, America’s military makes even foolish missions look achievable. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines possess incredible skill, valor, creativity, resourcefulness, and compassion. I share the confidence that American saber-rattlers have in the ability of our military to solve problems. However, more wars in more places do not make America more secure. The neoconservative consensus has left America less free, less safe, and burdened by unprecedented debt.

So what becomes of the Kurds? NATO leaders must make clear to Turkey that committing genocide would mean losing its membership. The treaty group should take diplomatic, economic, and—if required—military action to prevent any NATO ally from engaging in genocide. This will force Turkey to choose its future. Does Turkey want a future with its longtime allies or does it desire a darker path towards Russia and Iran?

In the past, foreign policy hawks have sustained their consensus by labeling their opponents “isolationists.” Often it works. But as a former Army Ranger and West Point graduate, I know that if you want peace, you must prepare for war. Returning to America’s traditional foreign policy is not isolationist.