Along with millions of Christians, Pat, an ardent supporter of pro-life and religious freedom issues, is thrilled three years later with Trump’s legacy of appointing legions of conservative judges to sit on courts across the land, especially the Supreme Court. Pat also applauds his efforts to fight Christian persecution throughout the world and at home. An added plus for Pat is that Trump is presiding over a strong economy, though my friend fears long-term negative economic impact from out-of-control federal spending.

On the flip side, and as a regular churchgoer, Pat finds Trump’s personal behavior abhorrent, especially after Trump used the “GD word” at an August rally. Pat’s disgust was mirrored throughout this voting bloc, warranting a Politico piece headlined: “‘Using the Lord’s name in vain’: Evangelicals chafe at Trump’s blasphemy.”

Over time, my friend has grown to believe that both nationally and internationally, Trump has demeaned the office of the president. On several occasions Pat had said to me, “Trump is an ass” and wished that “Trump would step down so Pence could take over” — all BEFORE this impeachment business blew up the headlines.