“I’ve never given a rat’s ass about being a Republican,” said Goldberg, who will be The Dispatch’s editor-in-chief. “I care a lot about being a conservative, and being conservative means not changing your positions based on one politician.”

Goldberg describes himself and Hayes, a former editor of the now-defunct Weekly Standard, as “Trump skeptics,” a slightly different sentiment from The Bulwark’s.

“We’re more accurately characterized as Trump hostile,” Kristol told POLITICO.

A scan of Tuesday’s headlines in The Bulwark — “Trump’s Fake ‘War on Corruption’ Is a Real War on Joe Biden,” “Watch How Trump Moves the Goalposts on Ukraine,” and “Trump Betrays the Kurds, Republicans…Speak Up?” — supports Kristol’s description.

“We’ve seen enough that we don’t need to be skeptical,” he said.