You know that the Hong Kong protests are against the government of China, not its people, who don’t get to choose, for instance, their own president. Indeed, I am not sure why we bother to call China’s leader anything but secretary general, because he’s the secretary general of the Communist Party of China. He’s also the leader of the Communist Party’s military apparatus. That formal title is chairman of the Central Military Commission. He also happens to be a president that’s not elected by anyone but the party apparatus in a one-party system.

You have no opinion about a government with absolutely no separation of powers and a type of totalitarianism not seen since the days of Stalin, Steve? A totalitarian power hell-bent on repressing not just its own people but also the people of Hong Kong? Do you believe freedom of conscience and expression is a birthright for all human beings? Or just some? Or is that too black-and-white for you?

Do you believe a government should be able to throw ethnic minorities into reeducation camps or prisons like the Chinese government does to Muslims for the simple act of believing in their God? Or force Christians to perform underground services for fear of personal reprisals?

These are not black-and-white issues. They are fundamental human rights.