And this is what President Trump is counting on — continued conservative support amid his political tailspin. Public opinion is turning against him, with growing national support for impeachment as well as Trump’s removal from office.

The President’s efforts to stop the investigation only make things worse. His controversial decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria, though apparently unrelated to the Ukraine scandal, shook a number of congressional Republicans, who blasted Trump for the disastrous policy move. And despite the White House’s efforts to block former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch from testifying before Congress, she gave a damaging account of her experience with the political pressure flowing from the Oval Office. Although the odds of a Senate vote to remove the President from office remain slim, it’s not impossible. The President himself is reportedly worried his support in the upper chamber.

Right now, the president is in survival mode. As we watch how it all unfolds, there are five people who represent the forces that will determine his future.