The excerpt details the intense surveillance Farrow and others were placed under when he was investigating allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein in 2017. Farrow reports Weinstein hired Black Cube—an Israeli private-intelligence agency—to spy on women who had accused Weinstein as well as reporters who were investigating the claims.

Farrow writes that one Russian-American agent, Roman Khaykin, and one Ukrainian-American, Igor Ostrovskiy, were both private investigators who were hired by Black Cube as subcontractors. They were reportedly asked to surveil people on target lists provided to Black Cube by Weinstein and his lawyers. In the fall of 2017, the pair turned their attention to Farrow by staking out his apartment building and trailing him to his workplaces.

Khaykin reportedly claimed to have used Farrow’s cellphone to track his location, and is alleged to have sent multiple screenshots of maps with a location pin that showed where the journalist was. However, a Black Cube source insisted to Farrow that the agency was unaware of, and didn’t authorize, any form of cellphone tracking against him.