But even assuming that would serve Trump’s own political interests, why have the media determined off the bat that it doesn’t serve the public interest as well? Is it not important that we know more information about the 2016 election and what role Ukrainians might have played? Or does our interest in 2016 only go so far as the tweets and memes that Russian agents put on Facebook?

Is it not also important that we know more information about a former vice president, now a candidate for president, and whether he may have used his office to protect the overseas financial interests of his own son? The fact that this potentially implicates Biden, who happens to be running for the Democratic nomination, doesn’t put the subject off limits.

Democrats can’t pretend that their own politically motivated investigations are just their constitutional duty, whereas Trump’s merit impeachment, the damned traitor! Whatever his motives, Trump brought up legitimate questions about corruption in his brief conversation with Ukraine’s president. Maybe Trump’s conversation with Ukraine was meant to advance his personal interest, but it served the public’s interest, too.