But here’s what does matter to me: People who work hard and have worked hard all their lives to earn an honorable though modest income, only to find themselves challenged in later life as technology changes make their skills obsolete, even as people alongside them who are healthy and capable of working choose instead to game the system to live off government handouts ranging from food stamps to welfare.

It matters to me that many people in my congregation who hail from South Africa, the former Soviet Union, France, and other such places that have become utterly inhospitable to Jews had to wait years upon years, and jump through hoops and hoops, to gain American citizenship legally, or just to get a green card, while others whom we see on the news flood across our border illegally and with complete contempt, get protected by the neverending supply of Obama judges in the states of the Ninth Circuit who prevent every effort to get some lawful control over the immigration mess and then contribute to a situation that raises enormous ethical questions about a society that denies opportunities to its own lawful taxpaying citizens, while steering those opportunities instead towards those who shamelessly boast that they are here illegally.

It matters to me that Jewish men in distinctly “Old World Orthodox” Jewish clothing, associated in the common mind with Hasidic garments, are being beaten up in broad daylight on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, without a peep of concern from the Corrupt Journalist Corps. If the victims were Black or Latino or Lesbian or Gay or Trans, and if they were being beaten up by “straight” Caucasian Christian males, all the nation would be hearing about it. Just think back to how the Corrupt Journalist Corps lied and wailed about those darling teens from Covington Catholic. But the truth vitiates the narrative because it is Jews getting beaten up by people who consistently are members of one of three discreet groups favored by the Intersectionalists. The attackers are captured on camera, and their names are revealed soon enough. So the Corrupt Journalist Corps ignores the stories.