Personally, I quit Twitter. For me at least, it was the most addictive yet also most unsatisfying social medium. If lushly illustrated sites like Instagram are the equivalent of a fancy Las Vegas casino with chandeliers, free champagne and elegant carpeting, Twitter is the social media equivalent of a row of gas station slot machines being repetitively worked by emaciated, chain-smoking senior citizens.

For other people, the most stress-inducing platform might be Instagram — everyone looks so beautiful and fit, even it if is partly due to Photoshop — or maybe Facebook — why are their kids doing so much better than mine? Or maybe it’s Tinder, for reasons that should be obvious. These don’t particularly bother me, because I don’t compare myself with other people much, but others’ experiences are different.

And that’s my first piece of advice: Pick the social media platform that you find most stressful, and quit it. Don’t quit social media or your phone cold turkey. Just quit one platform. If you’re like me with Twitter, you’ll be surprised how your stress level drops.