It’s time for women to realize they’re just no good at sports. Women simply can’t compete. If they could, it wouldn’t be so easy for bigger, tougher, stronger, male-bodied competitors to trounce them. We’re seeing a revolution in women’s sports, and it’s not coming from the female-bodied competitors but their betters. Why else would women athletes be revolting?

Trans women athletes are fierce, formidable, and frankly better in all competitive categories except women’s gymnastics, and that’s only because that’s a sport that was dumbed down from the male version to be better suited to weaker bodies. Simone Biles may be the world’s most decorated gymnast, but she wouldn’t be half so medaled if she had to face small competitors reared in testosterone-filled bodies.

In rugby, weightlifting, cycling, and track and field, transgender athletes who were born male perform at higher levels than their female-bodied counterparts. Referees for women’s rugby in the United Kingdom can testify to how much better trans players are. Kelly Morgan, a trans woman who plays in the Welsh women’s league, is so powerful that, the club captain said, she once ‘folded an opponent “like a deckchair”’. As the injuries mount on the field, women should take note and give their spots on the team to the trans athletes that deserve them.