As Ford’s only friend and the only girl at the alleged party, Keyser’s inability to corroborate any details of Ford’s accusation — and her insistence that she had no recollection of ever meeting Kavanaugh — was the most significant development in September 2018 that led to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

But now the authors had Keyser, in her own words, going much further, to say that Ford’s description of the party didn’t make any sense to her. Among other problems with the story was the fact that Keyser had only gone on a date or two with Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge, and the party she recalled attending with him was very different from the one Ford described. Keyser told the authors that she spent 70 hours a week that summer in question working and practicing golf after her shift ended at the Congressional Country Club. Ford says she was at a different country club prior to the early-evening party where the alleged assault occurred, but Keyser only recalled helping Ford practice diving at that country club early in the morning.

In Ford’s telling, on the night of the alleged assault, she, Keyser, and Kavanaugh’s friend P. J. Smyth each had precisely one beer at the alleged party, while Kavanaugh and Judge, whom Ford alleges was a witness to the alleged assault, were so extremely inebriated at an early evening “pre-gathering” that Kavanaugh and Judge were “pinballing off the walls.” Yet Keyser insists she has no recollection of ever meeting Kavanaugh.