There were similarities between the quid pro quo matter and the Trump-Mueller situation: Trump wanted something done. It wasn’t done. He dropped it.

Now, after several days of still-secret testimony, Democrats say the quid pro quo has been definitively established. But it would be more accurate to say the attempted quid pro quo has been established. And even if that is true, not all of the attempted quid pro quo was improper. Why couldn’t the president lean on Ukraine to investigate events related to the 2016 election? U.S. law enforcement has already done that with several other countries, and investigating the 2016 election has been going on for three years.

The attempted quid pro quo that, if proven, would damage Trump politically is the request for an investigation into the Bidens. Still, the bottom line is: 1) Trump withheld the aid, 2) he asked for an investigation and a statement, 3) the investigation and statement did not happen, 4) Trump released the aid. If that is what happened, will Republicans agree to remove the president on the basis of those facts? Will a majority of voters?