Days after House Democrats suddenly coalesced behind a formal impeachment investigation, spurred by Trump’s pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate a political rival, apprehensive lawmakers faced a two-week stretch at home where they immediately were questioned about their stance amid escalating political tensions, rapidly evolving news developments and a flurry of GOP attacks.

What hasn’t emerged is clear evidence of a political backlash, according to visits to nine lawmaker events and interviews with dozens of voters last week: Pro-Trump protesters picketed outside some of the events while pro-impeachment Democrats cheered inside, but swing voters mostly appeared to steer clear. Instead, echoing recent polling, the move toward impeachment appears only to have widened the existing partisan divide — and plunged the Democrats who ran on rising above it straight into the split…

Faced with a more evenly divided crowd in Michigan on Thursday, Slotkin explained her decision to support the impeachment probe — as Trump supporters challenged her interpretation of the Zelensky phone call, questioned whether former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter ought to be investigated, and pressed the former CIA officer on whether she knows the whistleblower who sparked the Ukraine inquiry. (She does not.)

Only once — after one constituent suggested that Trump “can’t trust the FBI or the CIA right now” — did Slotkin flash impatience: “I know exactly what those people are doing, risking their life every day alongside our military. And, frankly, I have a hard time hearing that, I’ll be honest with you.”