While we don’t have all the details thus far, what we know is this: In 2017, Hillary knew (hopefully) that she would never, ever be president. She, a millionaire celebrity beloved by our sycophantic media, had presumably nothing but extra plaudits and dinner party invitations from Weinstein, whose star was already on the wane. And yet, with a single ask, she got her publicist to attempt to silence Farrow’s story, which had nothing to do with the Clintons. Some months later, Hillary likely allowed Weinstein to use a documentary starring her as bait to cajole a news organization to shut down the most groundbreaking news story of the year.

Donald Trump may have grabbed women by the pussy, but Hillary all but held them down for her husband — and for Harvey Weinstein, as we now know. She’s an enemy to women. Regardless of who wins 2020, every woman in the country ought to thank God that she is not and will never be the first female president of the United States of America.