Trump super-PAC America First Action has placed Georgia among its six “tier one” states that it will compete heavily in — along with the perennially competitive swing states of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan. Now they say they’re prepared to pour resources into hanging on to what has been a conservative bastion.

Brian Walsh, president of America First Action, put Georgia in the same category as Ohio, one of the most heavily contested states that has picked every president for the last half-century.

“I think we’re going to win Ohio and I think we’re going to win Georgia, but we’re not going to take them for granted,” Walsh said. “And we’re going to pay attention to them all the way through.”…

“The population is diversifying with growing numbers of Asians and Hispanics. Even the black population, percentage-wise, is growing,” said Charles Bullock, a political science professor at the University of Georgia. “The other element is the youth vote has gone Democratic. In 2018, like a lot of the country, suburban white women tilted a bit more Democratic.”