And not for the first time, I had that chilly feeling that I’m going to be alone at the voting booth in 2020, while you’re back at the house, arguing with your friends about guns and gay marriage and climate change like a nightmarish Very Special Episode of “Friends.”

Now, I would really prefer that this not devolve into our usual fights about the importance of same sex marriage and LGBTQ rights, because we’re not that far apart on any of this. I might not ever get past rolling my eyes at people informing me about pronouns, but I have come to accept the importance of marriage equality. And if Barack Obama can “evolve” on gay marriage, so can I.

But you told me when we moved in together that you agreed with me that removing Donald Trump was the most important thing in the world to you. And I believed you. Why can’t you act like you believe it, too? The goal here is to assemble at least 270 electoral votes. Don’t we agree on that anymore?

I’m not asking you to betray your principles. But I’m going to be honest: When it comes to the election of 2020, I don’t care about LGBTQ issues. And neither should you — not because these issues are not important, but because there isn’t a single Democratic candidate who is against you on any of this, and not one of them will be worse than Trump.