As for his lack of transparency about his heart event, “That’s nonsense,” Sanders told NBC News. He said he wasn’t about to run to the New York Times and decant his medical condition every 15 minutes—even though nobody was asking for that sort of granularity. “I think we acted absolutely appropriately,” he said.

But feel free to question Sanders’ capacity to judge the status of his own health—if only because he does. “I must confess, I was dumb,” Sanders said on Tuesday. “I, in the last month or two, just was more fatigued than I usually have been. And I should have listened to those symptoms.”

Now that Sanders is listening to his symptoms, he should let us eavesdrop, too, or at least get a full readout of his health from his doctors so his supporters can glean a stronger sense of whether he’ll survive his potential term in office or whether his health will trigger 25th Amendment action should heart disease strike him again.