September 20 is the anniversary of the storm and is thought by many to be legally the last day victims may file suit to recover damages. In recent weeks, some government agencies and municipalities have done so. Those who didn’t sue may believe insurers, who told them FEMA will pay for damages above their insurance settlement.

According to the federal Stafford Act, FEMA absolutely cannot do so. This mistake may bankrupt dozens of municipalities. The Democrats know this and plan to blame the president, especially in Florida.

Since Trump’s 112,000-vote margin of victory there over Hillary Clinton, Republican fortunes have waned in the state: In 2018, Ron DeSantis won the governor’s race won by only 33,000 votes and Rick Scott was elected senator by just 10,000. That’s a terrible GOP trend heading toward 2020.

By credible estimates, 100,000 displaced Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida and registered to vote since Hurricane Maria largely destroyed their island. Orlando-area Democrats are accomplishing this with a continuing registration drive along the I-4 corridor, including official government outreach efforts.