Walsh also deserves credit for both his conversion and a courage that is vanishingly rare in conservative media. He is intelligent, colorful, articulate, and engaging, and has already performed a valuable public service by exposing the incoherent sycophancy of some of Trump’s media water-carriers.

And, of course, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But I also can’t help reflect that this is how we got here.

Conservatives looked the other way, struck alliances, made accommodations because, well, we were all on the same side, right?

Yes, politics is about addition, and we can use all the help we can get, and politics often makes strange bedfellows (pick your cliché of choice). I get all that. I also agree that we can’t get hung up on questions of ideological purity and should welcome defectors.

But the enemy of my enemy temptation is also how conservatives found themselves in bed with guys like Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, Sheriff Clarke, and all the misfit toys and grifters on the right… because the alliances seemed to make so much sense at the time.