Before judging Justin Trudeau too harshly, let me tell you this: if anyone has earned the right to do blackface, it’s him. Over the past few years, Trudeau has stacked up more than enough woke points to be able to cover his entire body including his ass cheeks in brown makeup and run naked through the streets of Vancouver, singing ‘Daylight Come and Me Wan’ Go Home’ if he so wishes.

Now don’t get me wrong, if we uncovered a photograph of Donald Trump so much as eating a taco, we should hang him out to dry for cultural appropriation because that level of disrespect coming from a despot like Trump is not OK. But Justin Trudeau wearing the garments of other cultures is another matter entirely. When he does it, it is out of respect. When he donned ceremonial outfits on his tour of India last year, it was done in such a way that showed reverence towards Indian traditions. When he wore a Chinese robe at the Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade in 2017, he did it as an homage to Chinese history. And when he daubed his face and hands in brown makeup and stuck a turban on his head while placing a comforting hand on a female friend’s chest when he posed for that photo at a gala in 2001, I am in no doubt it was in recognition of his utmost respect towards Arabian folklore, and possibly his love of Disney’s Aladdin.