Before this jabber of a Trump dynasty grows thick enough to choke the commentariat, let’s mow it down. There will be no Trump dynasty. No President Ivanka. No President Jared. And certainly no President Donald Jr. If I were making book on the odds, I’d give Barron Trump a better shot at winning the office in 2060—when he’ll be 54 years old—than any of his kin if only because his father’s taint will have ebbed to the point that we will be able to consider him his own man and not a dynastic heir.

American voters, informed by a revolution—it’s kinda famous; you may have heard of it—in which the hereditary monarchy was considered evil, wisely recoil when offered the opportunity to create modern presidential dynasties. The best way to read the 2016 election is as a referendum against presidential dynasties. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, inheritor of her husband’s royal plumage and all of her husband’s fundraising acumen, failed to rouse enough Democrats to beat a first-time campaigner with no political experience. And this was the second time she lost—in her first round she was smoked by a first-term U.S. senator! On the Republican side, Jeb Bush, brother and son of a president, spent more than $130 million and reaped a total of three delegates before bailing out.