It’s understandable that Brees, Pratt, and Pyle were fooled by the devil’s trick. When cancel culture comes for you, threatening to hound you at work (Brees) or to stop you from working altogether (Pratt and Pyle), it’s understandable why you might panic and look for the quickest method possible to get the mob to call off its attack. Indeed, many Christians are, in fact, brutish in tone, foolish, and ignorant, so in the heat of the moment, it can seem like a no-brainer to disavow someone you don’t think you need to satisfy for someone who won’t leave you alone.

But what all these men proved with their acquiescence is that you don’t gain friends by sacrificing brothers. You won’t escape trouble by becoming the kind of Christian who rejects the church’s historical teaching on homosexuality. Rather, you’ll just become more vulnerable to an enemy that won’t leave you alone until you become the kind of Christian who rejects Christ himself.

Likewise, what these men also need to understand is that, as a Christian, not a single one of your brothers is expendable. You are called to defend and serve all of them. You need all of them, and you especially need those who are most reviled in the eyes of the world, as those are often the ones who are showing you what it looks like to say “no” when the culture demands you bow before its idols.