Compared to other Democratic candidates for president, Gabbard is not especially radical. She supports key GOP positions in the war on terrorism. But, given that Gabbard is an independent thinker who has spent as much time dinging her own party’s leadership as she has that of the Republican party, she has a huge target on her back. (It also hasn’t helped that Gabbard this month signed on to Ilhan Omar’s resolution in support of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.)

Unlike more establishment candidates, Gabbard actually appears poised to do everything she has promised to do. In this way, Gabbard is a lot like the brash real estate developer from Manhattan that we voted for in 2016.

And therein lies the ultimate problem for the DNC.

While the DNC’s leadership is just as fanatically left-wing as Vermont democratic-socialist senator Bernie Sanders, most of them cannot afford to be good, democratic socialists. They’ve all been bought out by the neoliberal interests on Wall Street.