Dem drive to impeach Trump over Ukraine call is hysterical, hyperbolic, and hypocritical

As offensive and norm-breaking as Trump can be, it is more norm-breaking and offensive to refuse to accept an election result and instead seek to turn all forms of political disagreement into a constitutional crisis in which the Congress tries repeatedly to remove the president from office, negating the results of an election.

Republicans need to wise up. The overreacting Democrats and their media backers are the real threat to civility, norms and fairness.

Impeachment is not a game. It’s the Constitution’s safety valve and it should only be applied in the gravest of threats to our nation and system of government.

Asking a foreign nation to get involved in an American campaign matter is wrong. It was wrong when Trump did it. It was wrong when Obama did it. It was wrong when Biden did it. It was wrong when Hillary Clinton, through the Steele dossier, did it.