“I think the biggest mistake that was made, and everyone underestimated it the last time about President Trump, the place he’s most comfortable is in the gutter arguing,” Biden said at the outset of his reply during a town hall-style forum at a park overlooking the New Hampshire coast.

Biden criticized Trump’s tactics and talked about how hard he worked for Clinton — “83, 84 campaign events” — and how he “thought she would have been a really good president.” Next he recalled advice he said he gave Clinton’s team before her second debate with Trump. That debate came two days after the release of the Access Hollywood tape that featured Trump bragging about how his fame entitled him to “grab” women “by the pussy.”

“I remember at the time saying, you know, the first question that’s going to be asked is they’re going to ask [Trump] about his comments about the Access Hollywood tape,” Biden said Friday as he recounted the conversation. “And I said, I really think what should be done is — that they’re going to turn to [Clinton] and say, ‘What’s your view?’ And I said, I’d respectfully recommend she stand there and … say, ‘Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Let me tell you what I am going to do for the country,’ and not get into the debate, because it just drags it down.”