Under President Trump, stemming the flow of illegal immigration has been a priority, whether it is through expanding border-wall funding, meaningful negotiations with countries such as Mexico and Guatemala or addressing the “public-charge” rule loopholes in the asylum process. Trump and Republicans are seeking to ensure that we address the ongoing security and humanitarian crisis on the border, while still enhancing and enforcing the integrity of the immigration system.

For far too long, Democrats have been branding Hispanic Republicans and conservatives as the enemy of the Latino way of life. However, it is these very individuals who have fought tirelessly against the ills of socialism and oppression that Guatemalans, Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Colombians and others look to leave behind. They often flee a country in shambles, with the knowledge that they were migrating to a nation of laws, appreciative of Lady Liberty and all the opportunities she bestows.

Unfortunately, the candidates running for President for the Democratic Party seem to have forgotten the damage and destruction left behind in socialism’s wake. Those masquerading as journalists have joined them, using their soapboxes to spew venom and falsehoods. This short-sided, myopic, fear-mongering strategy will, once again, prove futile come Nov. 3, 2020.