During an overly dramatic “debate” about Trump’s recent frustrations with Fox News, Cuomo mentioned the president’s well-known tendency to “lie” and take things out of context. “He doesn’t lie,” McEnany shot back. “The press lies.”

“You don’t think this president has ever lied?” Cuomo asked in disbelief. He kept asking that question until she replied, “No, I don’t think this president has lied.”

“He has never lied to the American people?” Cuomo asked again. When she answered with a “no,” the host said, “Kayleigh McEnany, your credibility will be shot with my audience if you don’t back off that statement.”

As McEnany continued to rail against the “fake news,” Cuomo tried again and again to make her rethink her insistence that Trump has never lied to the American people. “I’m going to ask you this one more time,” he said. “Kayleigh McEnany, do you believe this president has ever lied to the American peopl