When the candidates were asked about reparations, for instance, Williamson dazzled the audience with made-up math, “calculating” that the country probably owes trillions of dollars to the descendants of slaves. In the interests of racial reconciliation, though, she’d settled on $500 billion. She calls this a “politically feasible” amount, because apparently she has no idea what those words actually mean.

Top candidate Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, mumbled his way through a thoroughly uninspired response about reparations legislation that other people have introduced in Congress, confusing and boring the audience.

Williamson pulled off the same trick when the topic of the Flint water crisis came up. She gave a non-answer composed of social justice buzzwords strung together into nearly cogent sentences that most college sophomores could rattle off from their class notes, and the audience went wild.

When she went even further, and declared that institutional racism is responsible for all of society’s ills, the applause got even louder.