If Loomer defeats the other three Republican candidates who have declared for the primary, though, she’ll face incredibly long odds against Frankel, who has been in the House since 2012. Frankel didn’t even have a Republican challenger in 2018, and defeated her Republican opponent in 2016 by more than 27 percentage points.

Loomer could face another challenge on the campaign trail: being banned from every major social media network. Besides Twitter, Loomer is also banned from Facebook and Instagram, meaning she’s restricted to using comparatively lesser-known social media apps like Parler and Russian encrypted messaging app Telegram. Loomer, the self-described “most banned woman in the world,” was also banned from Lyft, Uber, and even Uber Eats in 2017 after tweeting that she didn’t want to be driven by Muslim rideshare drivers.

Since losing her main social media accounts, Loomer has resorted to a number of stunts that seem designed to earn her more attention, with her congressional bid as potentially just the latest in that series. Along with handcuffing herself to Twitter’s headquarters, Loomer has tricked undocumented immigrants into trespassing at a home owned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and was arrested after trespassing at the California governor’s mansion. The Conservative Political Action Conference banned Loomer from their event in March after she used her press pass to chase reporters through the conference, in a confrontational practice she calls “Loomering.”