On the other hand, one can make a case for Lewandowski’s electability as well. First, his national profile and connections to Trumpworld would ensure he is well-funded. Second, I’m not sure his association with Trump is a bad thing in a race where Republicans start out as underdogs. Establishment Republicans’ criticism of Lewandowski boils down to, in Politico’s words, “he would do little to help the party expand its base beyond the group of voters that Trump is already expected to attract.” But this is an odd critique in a Republican-leaning state that Trump may very well carry. In fact, all the major handicappers see the presidential race in New Hampshire as being more competitive than the Senate race, probably because Shaheen’s aforementioned popularity makes her seat a safer bet for Democrats.4 If that’s true, then Republicans should want to nationalize the race, as their best chance of winning may be for every Trump voter to vote for a Republican Senate candidate as well. Given that he is essentially a down-ballot version of Trump, Lewandowski may be the best candidate to make sure GOP-leaning Granite Staters vote a straight ticket.