“Looking back at perhaps the worst candidate ever to run in the history of this country. She, in fact, represented the worst trends of the modern left all in one package,” Carlson said. He then played one of Gillibrand’s most well-known moments, where she gave a long answer to a young, white mother in Youngstown, Ohio about she defined “white privilege” and the impact of “institutional racism” on our society.

“Self-righteous, dumb: the last clip shows why Gillibrand stands apart,” Carlson said. “Really, the worst candidate ever. Good riddance, Kirsten Gillibrand.”

“I generally sympathize with candidates when they get out because it’s painful, it stings, it’s humiliating,” he added. “But with Kirsten Gillibrand, it can’t come a moment too soon. I can’t think of anyone more false, nastier, more self-centered, dumber, can you?” Carlson then asked Seth Barron, associate editor of City Journal.