In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner, conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter shared her thoughts on the current political environment, including topics ranging from President Trump and the Republican National Committee to the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Coulter began by slamming Trump for failing to fulfill his campaign promise of building a wall on the southern border.

“[Trump] deserves to lose. We don’t deserve a Democrat though,” Coulter said before adding that she has “repeatedly” told Trump that he does not need Congress to build the wall. When asked what she is most satisfied with about the Trump presidency, Coulter said “the tweeting is great.”

Coulter, a former Trump supporter, recently became disenchanted with the Trump administration. She blames this in part on a “saboteur in the administration” who she says has prevented hard-line immigration hawks such as Kris Kobach from serving in the administration.