Trump thinks Baltimore’s a hellhole? The data shows Mississippi, a deep red state, is poorly educated and mired in poverty and crime and heavily dependent on federal aid. Of course, because Mississippi’s governor, two senators and three out of four Congressmen are Republicans who are all in the tank for him, Trump won’t say a word. The good people of Mississippi deserve — and should demand — better.

The good people of Kentucky also deserve better. Another state that can’t support itself and is heavily dependent on Washington (it gets $2.61 for every dollar it sends to Washington), the Bluegrass State also ranks poorly on the poverty and pollution scale.

Trump criticizes Cummings, who has been in Washington since 1996. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has been in the Senate since 1984 — what’s he done? Besides watering down and flat-out blocking efforts to safeguard our electoral process, I mean. Turning a blind eye to Russian attacks on our democracy — which has kept him busy since the Obama era — is nothing less than dereliction of duty, and although he bristles at his new nickname, “Moscow Mitch,” I say if the boot fits, comrade, wear it.