I received another e-mail from a reader, a Christian who has been able to get along in his large, woke-ish institution by keeping his head down. He said he has recently been invited by the bosses to participate in a discussion group convened to talk about how to foster a respectful, inclusive, etc., environment in the workplace.

He’s torn. On one hand, he wants to be open about what it’s like to be a faithful Christian working in that professional environment, having to fear that you will be found out and punished; he sees this as an opportunity to make things better for people like him in the organization. On the other hand, he knows there’s a certain risk in outing himself as a religious believer within that organization’s culture. (He told me which organization it is, and yes, there’s definitely reason to fear.) There would be no going back if he came out as a Christian in that workplace, and if the climate within the organization changed, even just a little bit, he would be targeted.

There are liberals who deny that things like this happen, or that they are common, or that when they do happen, that it’s a big deal. Don’t you believe them. It’s real. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Woke Capitalism is a force for bigotry, but you can’t see that if you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid absorbed the doublethink required to thrive in these organizations.Some left-wing reader of this blog yesterday left a comment saying, presumably with a straight face, that progressives only want a more just, equitable world, and that’s what they work for. Right. Tell it to the man who wrote the letter at the top. There are a lot of us who have seen up close and personal what “progressive justice” means in the workplace. We know it’s a lie.