Woke assimilation: Teaching our politicians to hate America

Her narrative is the narrative of American malignancy. The Washington Post wrote of her ambush of Trump official Elliott Abrams at a hearing: “For decades people like her had been on the receiving end of US foreign policy. Such people typically get ‘beaten into submission,’ she said. Now, Omar was the one delivering the beating.”

Her default is to blame America first. She explained that local Somali Americans attempted to join the Islamic State as a function of “systemic alienation.” She contends that she has met American veterans “who say the most horrendous things, who have complete disregard for life.” And she has accused her congressional colleagues of singling her out for demonization.

Anyone who thinks these attitudes are alien to the United States has never been to a modern college campus or watched MSNBC.

In short, whatever foolhardy things Trump may tweet, Ilhan Omar is not suited to return and fix Somalia — rather to join a segment of the American elite.

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